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Wow, I almost totally missed rolling out the revised Pina Colada vegan flavor! For those of you who have followed me for a while may remember I had this flavor before. However, at that time I was using a store bought cream cheese and it had soy in it. I also was using cookies that were also store bought. And, it just never sat well with me for many reasons, so I had to make it right! After finding the right recipe and testing it with some changes I ended up with a nut and soy free cream cheese that has an amazing taste! I love it on toast in the mornings. Ok, back to cheesecake so now I had a few other changes to assure no nuts or soy would be part of all my vegan flavors. I also came up with a great crust that is vegan as well and if you want/need it gluten free no problem! I also made some changes with the pineapple topping keeping it 100% vegan!

Now what does this all mean that you will bite into one of the smoothest, yummiest cheesecake around! And, this revised flavor is currently my favorite flavor over all my styles and flavors; yes over good ole classic style!

But if chocolate hits your sweet spot we have that as well and with the new cream cheese it is even better! Makes my mouth water just thinking about it just look at it!!!


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