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Creating our little Bites of Cheesecakes I’m excited to show you all the new promo video that was created by Small Wonder Design, please click on Mama’s Blog to read a bit or jump right to the video!  FYI the old school picture is my grandmother, I just love the picture.

What do you get when your mother’s tree is full of mangos? Mango flavored cheesecakes in all styles regular, gluten free, and vegan cheesecakes of course!  If your a fan of mango flavor then you don’t want to miss this summer time yumminess.


Our other summer flavor is Hibiscus/Jamaica it’s not only pretty but oh so good! Here’s a picture of a plate full of Hibiscus/Jamaica along with our great New York Lemon.

Hibiscuss - New York Lemon

Here’s another idea… great way to give a gift to someone you are wanting to impress, just take a look at this packaging.

12 Pack           Package


Remember if you don’t see your favorite flavor on our site be sure to call us at 323.388.5815 or e-mail us at inquiries@mamacheesecake.com


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