Mama always told

me to share.

I've been asked many times- why did you start Mama Cheesecake?  I always had to pause when answering that question because the road to creating this business was not easy. It required making incredibly tough decisions, included times sleeping in my car,and struggling to make ends meet. I found myself having to stand and face my own truths and having to learn how to rebuild my life and change my entire outlook in order to create and live the life I truly wanted. Mama Cheesecake was born out of pure passion for baking and the necessity to provide for my children. And as I was successful I soon saw that it could be the vehicle that could turn my life around.  


Remembering how I always loved to bake and how I sold my cheesecakes when my kids were small as a way to raise funds for my their extra-curricular activities, I began to perfect my 25 year old cheesecake recipe. Which is why at 50 years young, and after 14 years in the insurance industry and a rocky path here, I decided to finally follow my heart and create this business. 

 Ignoring the naysayers and fully believing in myself for the first time in years, I got to work creating! Slowly I began to piece together what Mama Cheesecake really was.Realizing that I called my grandmother Mama made the name Mama Cheesecake a perfect choice. And the color pink in my brand is in memory of my cousin Rosie. She was my best friend who unfortunately lost her battle with breast cancer in 2005. I found strength and courage in these two women and it was important to me to honor their spirit.

Family and community is everything to me, especially since as a single Mama I could not have done this without my own little village! So giving back a portion of Mama Cheesecake's sales makes my heart full and the journey even sweeter! I love being able to share the goodness just like Mama taught me!

 My cheesecakes were originally made and sold out of love and to provide for my children. Today they are still made 100% with love and the best ingredients I can find. My hope is that my story encourages YOU and my  business can also provide a little extra security for others.

marian & kids.1991_edited.jpg

These cheesecakes were originally created with love

as gifts for my children. Today my handcrafted cheesecakes are made with care, quality ingredients and yes, they are still made with love!  Let me share some with you

- Marian Lopez 

Founder/Owner Mama Cheesecake